Uttare seed producer and Tur dhal producer group

This group in Veerayyanadoddi village of KodihalliHoblicomprising 13 members is one of the oldest group collecting, saving and distributing several indigenous seed verities of food grains and vegetables grown in the area. Although the group is in to seed Bank activity since 2006, it was formally registered as a producer group only around March-2014.

The starting budget for this group was 60000 Rs with group members contributing 15000 Rs and GF providing 45000 Rs.

Over the last 1&1/2 years the group has procured ~3900 kgs of seeds worth 177448 Rs and have sold seeds worth 250200 Rs.

[ Apart from wages Uttare seed producer earned group income around Rs 82,000 ]

This group is doing a great work in preserving the biodiversity through their seed bank which has saved seeds of several indigenous verities. This year they have sold 9 verities of Ragi, 6 verities of Paddy, 6 of millets, 12 of pulses and about 26 different vegetable seeds (although they have a much larger gene Bank (45 verities of Ragi, 106 verities of Paddy etc, which they keep multiplying whenever required). The seeds have been procured from 86 farmers who are all well trained in good quality seed production. The seed bank activity has generated 108 days of labour to the group members earning wages of Rs 10,785.

Utthare Dal processing group

A sub-group of 10 members of the same Uttare women’s group has started another enterprise of processing dal from different pulse grains (mainly Tur dal, smaller quantities of Aware, green and black grams). They are using an old machine available with GF from an earlier project, this seed bank also has an own building, supported by GF earlier, hence no new investments were required.

The group has procured 2851 kg of pulses this year worth 131570 Rs and they sold processed Dal (and seeds) worth 171562 Rs. The processing activity has generated labourfor 31 women earning 10710 Rs as wages.

Uttare Samudaya Beeja bank & Savayava Utpadakara Sangha : Consisting of 15 women farmers from the Veerayyanadoddi village of Kodihalli division, this group processes Tur Dal(Red gram) and undertakes Vegetable Seed Production.

Location: Veerayyanadoddi village, Kodihalli division, Kanakapura District, Karnataka

Members: The Uttare Samudaya beeja bank and Savayava Utpadakara Sangha was formed in (DATE). This producer group operates a community seed bank and tur dal processing center. Their seed bank houses more than 40 varieties of ragi and 70 varieties of millet, as well as local rice and vegetable varieties. Many of the producer group members are involved in traditional and rare variety seed production for the seed bank. The producer group also procures seed from local farmers who cultivate economically and culturally important crop varieties. All seeds are grown using organic practices. Seeds from the Uttare Samudaya community seed bank can be purchased through Janadhanya.

The producer group is also involved in procuring and processing tur dal (red gram). Tur dal is procured from the producer group members and other local farmers who use organic practices. It is then cleaned and packaged on site.

Camille addition: The women say that they prefer native varieties because the taste is better and because organic practices work well with native seeds - native seeds do not require expensive chemical inputs.

The tur dal (red gram) lentils grown and cleaned by the Producer Group members are a very important part of the diet in this area. They eat these lentils three times a day, in sambar and dishes like soppu saru (a dish made of mixed leafy greens and vegetables).