• Provide market linkage for local indigenous seeds
  • Monitor Community Seed Banks
  • Promote Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture

GREEN Foundation initiated the formation of Janadhanya, an association of farming community members who are empowered to work collectively to conserve agro biodiversity, provide market linkage for farmer produce and promote organic farming, among many other objectives.

Journey So far

In 2006, Janadhanya was initiated by GREEN foundation joining together communities to provide a network of farmers that regulate regional procurement and sale of produce through farmer-friendly processes. In 2008, GREEN introduced Participatory Guarantee System(PGS) for the certification of Organic Produce to Janadhanya providing an oppurtunity to increase the economic returns of farming.

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Provide market linkage for local indigenous seeds and farmer produce. Promote Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture in the rural community. Promotion of Participatory Guarantee System(PGS), a locally focused quality assurance system for organic certification, to build trust-worthiness of the farmer produce in the consumers

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Vision & Mission

Over the last two decades, Green Foundation has initiated concerted efforts in a localised region i.e.,Kanakapura Taluk to revive and take the path of village reconstruction on the lines ofGandhiji's vision.GF is trying to create local employment opportunity and socio-economic empowerment to rural womenfolk using locally available resources and agricultural produce through the formation of a number of women producer groups at village level.

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