Annapurneshwari Ragi Producer group Marasahalli

Sri. Annpurneshri producer group is situated inMarasahalli village, MaralawadiHobli. The producer group was formed on 21-2-2014. The group consists 13 members. The main products are organic Ragi and ragi flour.

Total venture cost is Rs.2,55.000. The members have contributed Rs. 65500 (25%) as community contribution. The organization (GF) has provideda financial support of Rs190200, (which includes Rs. 78200 for installing the required machinery,( i.e., adestoner and a ragi flour machine), and the remaining for operation expenses like grain procurement, labour and power rent etc,)

[ Apart from wages Annapurneshwari Ragi Producer group earned group income around Rs 45,000 - 48,000]

The group has started commercial activity since Jan-2015, i.e., about 6 months now. In the first year, they have procured around9000 kgs of ragi worth about Rs.185000. They have so far processed and sold 5105 kgs of ragi grain and 150 kgs of flour worth about Rs 200000 (including sprouted Ragi flour). Apart from this, they have also earned Rs19000 additional income by providing ragi cleaning and flour millingservices to local community (non members). Right now they have a stock of 3745 kg of Ragi grain. They have planned to procure more in the current year.

This group’s activity has benefited about 25 farmers in terms of a better price for their organic produce than the open market price.

Annapoorneshwari Utpadakara Sangha :This group from the Marasarahalli village of Maralwadi division formed by 14 women members, supplies Ragi and Ragi Flour after procuring Ragi from the PGS farmers in GREEN's project area.

Location: Marasarahalli village, Maralwadi division, Kanakapura district, Karnataka

Members: The Annapoorneshwari Utpadakara Sangha producer group was formed in (DATE).With the financial assistance of the GREEN Foundation, the producer group purchased a machine for cleaning ragi and another for milling ragi grain into ragi flour. The producer group members procure ragi from Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)-certified local farmers. Many of the producer group members also cultivate ragi themselves. After procuring and cleaning the grain, producer group members mill it into flour and package it on-site for sale through Janadhanya. Local farmers can also bring their ragi to the mill for processing at a small fee.