Devaralamma Organic input producer Group

This group situated in Kulumedoddi village, MaralavadiHobli, consists of 9 women members who are producing very useful organic inputs, Panchagavya, Fish meal concoction (both growth promoters) and Poochimarind (a pest controller). The group was started on 7-12-2014, with a modest initial fund, with Rs 16545 coming from members’ contribution and Rs 18000 given by GF organisation as loan or advance.The products are bottled in small quantities (200-500 ml) and are sold through Janadhanya mostly to urban gardeners.

Over the last 6 months, they have sold 110 lts of Panchagavya, 83.5 lts of Poochimarind, and 61.2 lts of Fish oil preparation totally worth Rs 47950 (earning a net profit of about Rs 20000, expenses incurred being 28000 Rs).

Devaralamma Organic Input Producer group : A group of 12 women farmers produce organic growth promoters like Panchagavya and Fish oil and Puchimarundu, which is an organic pesticide. This producer group is located in Kulmedoddi village in Maralwadi.

Members: The Devaralamma Organic Input producer group was formed in (DATE). The group is involved in the production and packaging of three organic inputs that can be purchased through Janadhanya: Panchagavya, Puchimarandu, and Fish oil. Panchagavya, made from cow byproducts, naturally enhances crop growth and repels pests. Puchimarandu is a herbal pest repellent made from the leaves of five local plants. Fish oil can also be used to enhance plant growth, as an alternative to chemical fertilizers. The women in the producer group make all three organic inputs from locally-available ingredients.

Panchagavya label Ingredients: Fresh cow dung, cow urine, clarified butter (ghee), cow’s curd, sugar cane juice, tender coconut water, banana and toddy.

Notes: Best results when applied between 5 pm and 6 pm. This will allow micro-organisms from Panchagavya to multiply and penetrate deep into the soil and start facilitating the plant growth. Also doubles as a pest repellant.

Frequency: Apply every 7 days, desirably during flowering and fruiting stage.

Directions to use:
1. Add 30 ml of Janadhanya Panchagavya per liter of water
2. Stir solution thoroughly, both clockwise and anticlockwise, alterately
3. Apply the solution using rosecan or a sprayer over the plants

Puchimarandu label
(Indigenous herbal pest repellant)

Ingredients: Neem leaves, Vitex Nigundo leaves, Clerodendron leaves, Calatropis leaves, Aloevera leaves, water

Directions to use:
1. Add 60 ml of Janadhanya Puchimarandu solution in 1 liter of water
2. Apply the resultant solution over the plants using a rosecan or sprayer As a precautionary measure, Puchimarandu solution can be sprayed during flowering and earhead emergence stage, when changes of pest infestation are imminent.

Note: best results when applied between 5 pm and 6 pm. This will allow the herbal extracts to seep into the plant tissues unlike under sunlight, which causes evaporation.

Frequency: depends on the degree of pest infestation. Application frequency may vary between 3 days and 15 days under the gardener’s discretion.